The program begins at 9 am Central time zone. We will begin streaming at 8:45 am so you can log on and check your connection.

 1. Go to the website – www.bcbleadership.com 
 2. Click the Log In tab at the top
 3. Enter the usernmae and password you set up when you registered
 4. You will see the stream there.
You would have received an email confirmation after you registered. Go to the log in page of the website, www.bcbleadership.com. Use the email address you entered as your username and click forgot password. It will direct you to set up a new password

Yes. It will be available on the site using your username and password for three months after.

 Those papers from Drs Pollard, Paulien and Pastor De Oliviera will be emailed to those who registered in the first couple weeks. 

There will be 30 minute presentations from each presenter followed by 20 minutes of questions. The last hour will be questions and answers.

We will have a chat feature that will be moderated on our site for those who are watching online to submit their questions.

 The coupon code field can be left blank.We have provided coupons to staff and designee of the event for their registration.

Call our toll free number (888) 430-2229 and someone from our team will assist you